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Purpose: The pulse oximeter is a reusable device and intended for spot checking of oxygen saturation and pulse rate for use with the finger of adult patients in healthcare environments. It is not intended to be used under motion or low perfusion scenarios.


  • Measures blood oxygen levels & pulse through the finger
  • EVERY DAY USE - For people who would like to check their heart rate and/or blood oxygen saturation levels regularly and conveniently 
  • PEACE OF MIND - You can monitor your own heart rate and blood oxygen levels and the people around you.
  • SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS - For people who would like to check their heart rate after physical activities:
  • Mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, runners, various exercises
  • Easy to use, Colorful LED Screen for visibility
  • Fast Measurement:
  • SpO2 Accuracy - between 70~100%, ±2%
  • Pulse Rate Accuracy, ±2 bpm
  • Lightweight & Portable - Small in size & convenient to pack
  • Dimensions: L 2.28 in x W 1.32 in x H 1.28 in
  • Weight: 1.38 oz with batteries
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Suitable for most adults
  • Made in China

Disclaimer: The following may disrupt the accuracy of the Oximeter:• Use in a high-frequency environment or around CT machines.• Used on the same area as a blood pressure cuff, arterial duct, or intravenous injection.• User suffers from hyper-tension, severe vascular atrophy, severe anemia, or low oxygen.• User is in sudden cardiac arrest or state of shock.• Use on a finger with nail polish or fake nails.

This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, or prevent any diseases or health conditions. Always consult your doctor and carefully review instructions for use prior to use.

Vendor Warranty Terms: 10-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please contact

How To Use

View manual here

Power Source: 2 AAA (Not included)

How to Use: Stick one finger completely into the measuring parts of the Oximeter, keep the fingernail surface upward, and release the clip. Then press the power button to power on the Oximeter.

WARNINGS:• Do not use around a flame or any flammable agents.• Choking hazard.• Keep away from children.• Do not discard batteries in a fire.• Do not attempt to charge device batteries. Charging can result in battery leakage, fire, or explosion.• Always discard batteries according to environmental safety guidelines.• Do not use around MRI, CT or other X-Ray machines.• Do not operate if wet.• Avoid moving device between hot, cold or humid temperatures.• Install batteries properly. Remove batteries if being stored for a long period of time.• Always close the battery cover properly.• Operate only as directed.• Do not modify or use for any reason other than the intended purpose.• Only certified doctors are qualified to evaluate and use the produced results.

Product Requirements for Use: Adult only

Care Instructions: Power off the instrument and remove the batteries before cleaning. Ensure that the appearance of the instrument is neat, dust-free, and dirt-free. Clean the outer surface of the instrument (including the LED screen) using 75% medical alcohol and a piece of dry soft cloth. Caution: Avoid liquid flowing into the instrument during cleaning. Caution: Do not immerse any part of the instrument into any liquid.

MAINTENANCE:• Remove the batteries from the battery slot and properly store them if you do not plan to use the Oximeter for a long period of time.• Avoid using the Oximeter in an environment with inflammable gases or using it in an environment where the temperature or humidity is excessively high or low.• Check the accuracy of the oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings by using an appropriate calibration apparatus.