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Two pieces you didn't know you couldn't live without. The Strop helps keep your disposable razors sharp for months by honing and cleaning each blade with the cartridge. That means you don't have to buy razors as often, and help produce less waste. That's pretty cool. It rolls into a perfect travel size for the guy-on-the-go, and looks great on a towel bar.

The Razor Case keeps your razor dry and away from your fingers. Fitting most cartridge (and safety) razors, you'll love utilizing the leather sleeve for your razor.

Set Includes

  • The Strop
  • Travel RazorCase


The Strop:

  • Keeps your razor sharp and ready for use
  • Gives the feeling of a new blade shave for every shave
  • Hangs proudly on a towel bar
  • Rolls up for travel

Travel Razor Case:

  • Fits any disposable razor
  • Protects your razor while traveling
  • Protects your fingers from your razor
  • Made out of classy leather

Made in the USA

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.


The Strop:

1. Lay Strop flat on counter or hang proudly on your towel rack

2. Holding taut, place blades at bottom of Strop. With the same pressure you use to shave, run the blades UP the Strop (15x).

3. Enjoy your razor's newfound potential.

Check out the How to use for more information.

Travel Razor Case:

Put over razor head while traveling.

Average Days of Supply: Five years.


The Strop: Denim and Leather.

Travel RazorCase: Leather.

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