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BAKING KIT: Smart for Life's Healthy Baking Kit comes with a handpicked array of our easy-to-use healthy baking products. Our kit includes Chef Manfred's and Dr. Sass' artisan flour mix, which is packed with lepticore which helps support metabolism and lower absorption of carbohydrates. It also includes allulose, one of the best sugar alternatives on the market and our decadent caramel dip. Smart for Life's healthy baking kit is a great way to bake healthier foods with the whole family.

ARTISAN BREAD: Make high-quality artisan bread with this premium unbleached flour mix. Specially formulated by Chef Manfred and Dr. Sass, this bread mix combines optimal taste with optimal health to give you the best of both worlds. Convenient and easy to use, this premixed flour is perfect for making delicious homemade bread or guilt free pizza dough the whole family will enjoy! ALLULOSE SWEETENER: Virtually free of carbs, allulose is a great keto sugar and paleo sugar substitute. Allulose is a natural sugar alternative that is only found in a few plant-based foods like jackfruit, figs, and raisins. The body absorbs this simple sugar but is unable to metabolize it into glucose. This results are a low calorie sugar alternative that does not raise blood sugar and insulin. With a lower glycemic index, this sweetener makes a great option for lowering sugar.


  • Smart for Life's all-in-one cooking kit is the perfect gift for amateur and expert bakers alike. This kit contains key ingredients for making delicious artisan baked goods. Featuring Chef Manfred and Dr. Sass flour infused with the carb inhibiting Lepticore supplement, sugar-free caramel w/ fiber, and allulose a natural sugar derived from fruits.
  • Brand: Smart for Life
  • Country of Origin: United States

Vendor Warranty Terms: 90 Day Limited Warranty by Manufacturer - Please contact us at 1(888)455-9031 or, Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm EST

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Allulose Sweetener: Allulose.Artisan flour mix with lepticore: Unbleached hard red wheat flower, soluble corn fiber, sea salt, allulose, yeast, lepticore. Caramel Enriched with Fiber Spread: Organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic milk, organic heavy cream, organic butter (cream, salt), sodium citrate, organic vanilla extract, organic soy lecithin (as an emulsifier), and vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) added to preserve freshness, soluble corn fiber, alloluse.