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Perfect for home workouts! Strengthen overall body muscles. Provides a total body workout. Easy for any age and fitness level.

About Exercise Ball

Exercise balls force your muscles to work from the moment you sit down on them. Right away you are sitting on an unstable environment which causes your legs and abs to contract until you can find balance. Once you add a workout to balancing on the ball, your body has to work twice as hard to stabilize and complete the workout task. Popular workouts while using the ball include: crunches, sit-ups, twists and weight lifting.

About Sunny Health & Fitness:

Sunny Health & Fitness is a premiere provider fine health and fitness products. Sunny produces equipment using high quality components and materials typically found in more expensive and commercial equipment. With heavier gage steel, thicker welds, and highly durable parts; Sunny products are made to last. All Sunny products are designed and engineered by fitness equipment experts to maximize the health benefits and workout potential of each exercise. Based in Los Angeles, California; Sunny Health & Fitness stands behind the quality of every product they offer.

Assembled Product Dimensions

30" D

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