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  • The Insta-Straight Straightening Brush features a large, double-sided corrugated heating plate with 24 grooves that increase the surface contact area and handle more hair with each pass
  • Speed Heating: No More waiting, The Insta-Straight Straightening Brush built-in PTC hot clip Heats its large double-sides corrugated heating surface to 266 degree F(130 degree C ) in less than 30-40 Seconds
  • Five Temperature Levels: The Insta-Straight Straightening Brush has five heat settings, which range from 266 degree F-392 degree F and are designed for all type of hair
  • Regardless of whether or not your hair is soft or thin, fine, color-treated, slightly curly or thick, curly and wavy, this device can transform your hair to straight, silky and shiny
  • No Pulling or Burning: The Insta-Straight Straightening Brush is designed to reduce pulling and its U-shaped, insulated frame was specially created to protect your skin and hair from burns
  • Accessories/Packaging Includes: Main unit / Powerd cord - 6Ft
  • Country of Origin: China

Vendor Warranty Terms: 30 days/

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